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20' Sun-Lite without slide-out with Quad Bunks

Dry Weight: 2940 lbs
Hitch Weight: 320 lbs
GVWR: 4200 lbs
Fresh Water: 26 gal
Gray Water: 33 gal
Black Water: 33 gal
Length: 21'
Height: 11'7"
Width: 7'6"

Dry Weight - 2960 lbs
Hitch Weight - 340 lbs
GVWR - 4200
Fresh water - 26 gal
Gray water - 33 gal
Black water - 33 gal
Length - 21'
Height - 11'7"
Width - 7'6"

Total Dry Weight: 2980
Hitch Weight: 310
GVWR: 7000
Fresh Water (GAL): 45
Gray Water (GAL): 30
Black Water (GAL): 30
Length: 21'5"
Height: 9'6"
Width: 85"
Hitch Size: 2 5/16"

Total Dry Weight: 3920
Hitch Weight: 350
GVWR: 7000
Fresh Water (GAL): 26
Gray Water (GAL): 30
Black Water (GAL): 30
Length: 23'11"
Height: 9'7"
Width: 96"
Hitch Size: 2 5/16"

Dry Weight: 5465 lbs
Hitch Weight: 638 lbs
GVWR: 6600 lbs
Fresh Water: 52 gal
Gray Water: 39 gal
Black Water: 25 gal
Length: 27'6"
Height: 11'0"
Width: 7'0"

Total Dry Weight: 4481
Hitch Weight: 495
GVWR: 8000
Fresh Water (GAL): 46
Gray Water (GAL): 30
Black Water (GAL): 30
Length: 25'11"
Height: 11'1"
Width: 97"
Hitch Size: 2 5/16"

Total Dry Weight: 4215
Hitch Weight: 520
GVWR: 8000
Fresh Water (GAL): 26
Gray Water (GAL): 30
Black Water (GAL): 30
Length: 26'
Height: 9'7"
Width: 96"
Hitch Size: 2 5/16"

This camper provides comfortable and luxurious accommodation that's sure to make your camping experience a memorable one.

Dry Weight  - 6449 lbs
Hitch weight - 976 lbs
GVWR - 7600 lbs
Fresh water - 19 gal
Black water - 30 gal
Gray water - 30 gal
Length - 30′
Height - 10'11"
Width - 8'0"
Hitch Size- 2 5/16"

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What our customers say

"Montana was the perfect summer destination for us. Kevin grew up there, but it was my first visit. It was just the right mix of adventure with the great outdoors. I would certainly recommend Big Sky Country for your next family vacation."

- Kevin Levad & Vanna Hosanny

"There truly is nothing more relaxing than camping and fishing in Montana. We enjoy being outdoors and we love that we can fish, hike, explore, and cook outdoors, but have all the comforts of home with us too. Travel trailers are a great way to go!"

- The Guzman Family

"Camping doesn't have to be "in-tents." We had a great time in our Happy Camper. We went to Yellowstone in May and it was snowing and cold outside, but warm and comfy in our camper. Thank you for the wonderful addition to our Yellowstone memories!"

- Neal & Linda Passow

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