Welcome to Happy Campers

The Rocky Mountain West is a scenic place. We have a lot of land and most of it is overflowing with natural beauty. Why not visit it all in flexible comfort? At Happy Campers, we give you the amenities of an RV with the safety of driving the family vehicle. A car towing a camper can become just a car again in a very short time, allowing you to drive places where an RV would be awkward or not allowed.

Campers don't just have to be used for camping! Anywhere you might be visiting for an extended stay where a hotel room would be too distant or impractical--like a rural relative's house or a family reunion--a camper gives you the luxury of having your own space but being able to walk out the door and join in at any time.

If you have any questions, we have plenty of answers. Otherwise, reserve your camper now, and get started on your outbound adventure!

We Do Delivery For You

Let us make your trip easier by delivering the camper right to your destination. Tell us where and we will tow, deliver, and set up your camper before you arrive.


Why Tow Over RV?

Travel trailers are high quality, versatile and compact for travel. They offer slide-outs to create more elbow room once parked.


Renting VS Owning

It is generally much cheaper to rent a camper on the occasions you need one than it is to buy, maintain, insure, winterize, and store one all year long.